Are you currently considering new flooring options for your home? A new floor can transform a space but there is more than just aesthetics to consider, you also need to think about how it will stand up to the demands of your household.  In this blog, we will take a brief look at laminate flooring and hopefully, it will help you decide whether this is a good flooring choice for you.

Laminate flooring is usually made up of fiberboard with a melamine resin, formed into panels or pieces that fit neatly together, much like hardwood flooring does. 

There is a wide range of styles and colors to choose from with laminate flooring and, although most styles have a hardwood effect, there are granite and marble options available as well.  Another advantage to laminate is that it is often cheaper than a lot of other flooring types and can be installed easily.   All of this means that you could have a brand-new floor for a relatively low price.

We should note that there are some disadvantages to using laminate flooring.  For example, due to the melamine resin, the laminate can contain formaldehyde which is known to be toxic.  If you are concerned about this, it is possible to find products with fewer toxins in them.  Laminate flooring can also move or shift at times and you will want to make sure that the subfloor you are installing it on is in good shape and completely dry, otherwise, you could experience warping or buckling of the laminate.

So, to review, if you are looking for lower-cost flooring with many options to choose from, laminate might be worth considering.

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