When you purchase a home, especially if its for the first time, its vital to have the right team helping you.  Finding the best real estate agent is important to a smooth buying process but, how can you find the right one for your particular needs?

Before you decide which real estate agent to choose its good to find out all you can about them and the kind of properties they are used to dealing with.  Prepare a list of questions ahead of time with questions such as: How much experience do you have? And what are their credentials? In the same way as you would if you were interviewing someone for a job, try to find out more about them and whether they would work well with you and your situation.  For example, it wouldn’t be a good idea to hire a realtor who is only used to selling multimillion dollar homes if your looking for a cheaper property to fix up or vice versa.

Another question to ask your potential real estate agent is what makes them stand out above their competitors? Look for answers with specific examples and don’t be content with replies like; because of my many years of experience etc.  Ask them if they own property themselves.  If they do, this will mean they have a good understanding of what its like to go through the buying process as well as knowing what it’s like to own property.  You may also want to know if they work full time or part time in real estate as someone full time could be more familiar with the current local market and updates on legislation.

Although there are many good real estate agents out there, choose someone who will give you their best and work for your specific needs.

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