Each year we see disasters in one form or another strike different parts of the United States, with often devastating results.  While we have no control over when or where a natural disaster might strike, we can try to be as prepared as we possibly can be ahead of time.  One, very important thing to keep in the home is an emergency go kit containing all the essential things you need to survive for a few days in case you have to leave your home quickly.  It’s also essential to have a plan of action that the whole household is well acquainted with.  In this article, though, we are going to concentrate more on what you can do to your property ahead of time in order to minimize the dangers frequently associated with natural disasters.

Look around your property and think about how your home might be affected during a natural disaster.  For example, depending on the disaster, you could likely experience roof damage and falling tree limbs.  Have the roof inspected to check for any work that needs doing such as shingles becoming loose.  How about the condition of gutters and downspouts?  Are they becoming clogged with debris?  If your home has a chimney, could it do with any repair work?  Keeping trees trimmed back so that they are unable to fall, and damage power lines or roofs is another good way to minimize any risks from strong winds etc.  It’s good to remember that if there are any loose objects on or around the home, they could be very dangerous in a storm with high winds.

Knowing where and how to turn off your home’s utilities such as gas, electricity and water is another way to prepare yourself for a natural disaster.  If the home or surrounding area is compromised in any way, these can become particularly hazardous.

This is just some of the many ways to prepare for an emergency situation, and while there are many more suggestions we could mention, it emphasizes the need for advanced preparation.  Why not take some time to go through your home and make a note of areas that could become a potential danger in a disaster? It might also be a good time to sit down with the family and talk about ways you can all be better prepared.

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