Broken Window Seals – Have you ever seen a window that was hazy between the layers of glass? It can denote a broken window seal. Why is this an issue though?

First, think of how a modern, double pane window is put together. You have two layers of glass, and in between those layers is usually an inert gas – like argon. That gas and those two layers of glass are what make your windows more energy-efficient and keeps the cold/warm in or out (depending on the time of year.

These windows are somewhat pressurized inside, and there is a seal to keep the gases in and the pressure regulated (depending on your elevation). If this seal deteriorates or just all-out fails, then you get the moisture between the layers of glass. So what does this mean for the window?

Unless it is really bad, it usually means it just looks dirty all the time and is slightly less energy efficient. It doesn’t make the window “defective” all the time, but it does make it annoying. While these can be repaired, most people just replace these windows because of the cost of repairing them.

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