Did you know that every year countless injuries are caused by poorly maintained automatic garage doors?  It’s a good idea, then, to periodically check over these doors to make sure they are in good order.  While a professional should come to fix automatic garage doors, there are some things you can check yourself to see if they need work.

Its good to familiarize yourself with the way these doors function.  They are one of the heaviest objects in the home with a lot of moving parts, so they are an important thing to maintain.  In general, they have a spring-supported mechanism which is usually operated by either a wall mounted switch or a remote control.

Its important to make sure you check that the appropriate safety warning labels are where they should be and that they can be clearly seen by everyone.  You and your household should also be aware of the location of the manual release handle for the garage door.

Have a thorough check of the door and the framework to determine what kind of condition its in.  Is it showing signs of wear and tear? If it is, it would be best to consult someone qualified to fix these kind of doors to determine if work should be done.

An obvious, but often overlooked safety step is to make sure no one walks under the automatic door while it is in motion.  Remember these doors are very heavy and if children see you doing it, they may be tempted to do it themselves which could result in an accident.  It is also important to make children aware of the dangers of playing with strings or pulleys attached to the garage doors mechanism.

Although these are some very simple reminders, its good to periodically give your automatic garage doors a thorough check and make sure they are in good working order.  In this way you will be adding to the safe and efficient running of the household.