You found the perfect house and are so excited. You might not think about things that might fail at the home inspection. No one wants to think for a moment the home they’ve fallen in love with may have some serious issues lurking.

A home inspection isn’t necessarily a pass or fail test. It’s about getting a description of the home’s physical condition and an assessment of what needs to be repaired or replaced in the home. A few things that often fail a home inspection are the following:

  1. Ground sloping or draining towards the house. When there isn’t proper drainage the home can suffer significant water damage. It could cause cracks in the settlement, create dampness in the crawlspace, and even make the foundation move.
  2. Issues with the pipes or with the plumbing. Plumbing problems and leaky pipes are common things that fail the home inspection. Plumbing is a big cause for concern because if there is a leak that’s left unrepaired it could cause mold to spread throughout the home.
  3. Termite damage. If mold is left untreated it can attract termites. Rotting wood is another issue that home inspectors look for. They will look for exposed wood and check around exterior door jams, windows, the roof, and wooden structures like the deck or stairs.
  4. Electrical problems need to be inspected. Some of the common electrical issues inspectors will find include fraying insulation, DIY wiring, mismatch wires, and over-fusing.
  5. HVAC problems. Home inspectors will make sure that the heating and cooling work properly and the wiring appears safe and can handle the HVAC system.

These are just a few things to be thinking about during the home inspection. Be sure to give attention to these areas.

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