A well-maintained home is the key to making sure you avoid those expensive home repair surprises that no homeowner desires.  One area to look for when it comes to property maintenance is wood rot or wood decay.  This is not to be confused with carpenter ant or termite damage, rather it is damage caused by a type of fungi.  It thrives in warm, damp places but can also withstand temperatures and humidity that are much more extreme.


So, what are some areas of the home that would be prone to wood rot? To answer this, we need to think about the type of conditions needed for the fungus to live which are; moisture, oxygen and a food supply.  There are many places in a home that could provide these conditions.  One area that is prone to wood rot is the underneath of windows and sliding glass doors (if incorrectly installed).  Ground floor decking and support posts are also prone to wood decay.  The sub-floor surrounding toilets and tubs and areas around corroded plumbing fixtures are also areas to check.


Where else might you see wood decay on a property? Roof penetrations with damaged or incorrect flashing, foundation cracks, plumbing leaks and wood that comes in direct contact with concrete, masonry and soil are all areas to check for wood rot.  Inadequate grading around the property could also be a problem as it can cause water to pool around the foundations.


As we can see, there are many places in and around a property that could be prone to wood decay.  If you feel you would like some help to identify areas of wood decay around your home, why not have it inspected? For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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