The majority of home buyers go into the process with a fixed budget in mind.  But, what many people do not budget for is all the extra fees they will incur as a result of purchasing a home.  This could cause the home buyer to look for ways where they can economize and reduce those fees.  Its important to be aware, though, that some parts of the buying process should not be skimped on. Take the home inspection, for example, is this somewhere you can cut costs?

In a word, no.  Here’s the reasons why.  Purchasing a home is an enormous expense, perhaps the biggest you will have so its vital that this is going to be a wise investment.  A home inspection is there to make sure you know all you can about the property you are buying.  You want to make sure there are no hidden major problems with the home that will cost you thousands to fix after you’ve signed the contract.  The home inspection finds these problems before you make your final decision on the property.

So, maybe you’re thinking you won’t be skipping the inspection but are going to choose the cheapest quote possible, is this a good idea? Again,no.  Not all home inspection companies are the same and some will not be as thorough as they should be.  Make sure to choose an InterNACHI certified home inspector who will perform a detailed a thorough inspection of your potential new home.  Yes, this may not be the cheapest quote you get but at least you can have the confidence that you are getting a skilled, well trained home inspector that will work with your best interests in mind.  So, when it comes to cutting costs during the home buying process, don’t skimp on your home inspection.

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