Flushing your toilet might not be something that you give too much thought, but if you start having issues with it, you might be aware of it pretty quickly. Over time, toilet handles might come loose, or they could even break off with an unfortunate slip. Fortunately, it is not very tricky to replace a toilet handle, and should you so wish you could replace it yourself.

Before you start, you should turn off the water supply and flush the toilet to empty out the tank. This will lessen the risk of leaks and splashing while you’re working on the handle. You should find a nut on the inside of the tank that holds the handle in place. Removing that and unhooking the chain that connects the flapper to the handle will let you remove the old handle. Following the same procedure backward will let you install the new handle with ease. Just make sure that you check that the chain to the flapper is long enough to allow it to close completely when the lever is released and that the flapper opens sufficiently when you push down the lever.

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