Were you aware that an average person will flush the toilet approximately 2500 times a year? That’s a lot of use, especially in a large household. It isn’t surprising, then, that a toilet will need maintenance from time to time. Here are some of the things we check to make sure a toilet is working properly; they are also things you as a homeowner can do yourself:

Flush the toilet and observe the amount of time it takes for the tank to fill back up again. If it appears to be taking a long time it may be a sign that the toilet is falling into disrepair. In the same way, if the toilet takes an unusually long time to flush, you should have it looked at.

Another problem common with toilets that are often ignored is continuous running water. If your toilet has had this issue for a long time, it is not just a waste of precious water but, with time, it could end up costing you a lot of money. It can also damage the pump if you use a private well.

The toilet bowl is another area you should inspect. Look for any chips or cracks that have started developing in the porcelain. Did you know that if a home inspector sees damage like this, they will list the toilet down as faulty? So, you will want to have the toilet fixed immediately if you see this happening.

We can clearly see the importance of taking the time to give the toilets in our home a regular inspection. Considering what a vital role they play in our homes; they are worth our attention.

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