With so much technology at our disposal nowadays we have the ability to protect and secure our homes like never before.  However, sometimes you can’t beat some of the more old-fashioned methods of keeping valuables safe, especially those smaller items like jewelry etc.  So, let’s have a look at some of the not so high-tech places to keep your precious items:

If a burglar successfully breaks into your home, they are going to want to be as quick as possible to avoid detection, this means they will look for valuables in obvious places and not want to spend time rifling through a load of items.  For example, if you have storage boxes in your garage, a good place to store valuables is in containers marked; old holiday decorations or decorating supplies, a burglar will not want to spend time looking through these.  If you enjoy a collection of books, why not hollow out a couple and store items in there?  Again, a burglar might not want to spend time looking through a whole library of books.

Another place no one would necessarily think to search through for valuables is the trash can.  Keep items underneath the garbage bag in the bathroom or kitchen.  You can also try the underneath of a plant in a pot.  Be sure to keep items in protective covering if you do this, though.

You may feel that a wall safe would be the safest place for your valuables but, its actually not that hard for a burglar to cut it out of the wall.  Try a floor safe instead of the wall, they are a lot harder to remove.

It’s always best to insure the contents of your home for any unfortunate events.  However, following these simple, old fashioned tips can go a long way to keeping those precious air looms safe from thieves.

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