Although we managed to avoid the devastation brought on by last weeks hurricane, the fact is that we live in an area that could be affected by one.  While we take every precaution to prevent damage to our homes, what will happen if our home is flooded? And, upon returning to our homes, what precautions should we take?


  • When you first enter a home after if has been flooded, be extra cautious.  The structure of the house might have been compromised in some way.  Watch out for signs that a ceiling or floor could collapse.


  • There are many parts of the home that could be damaged by flood water, the electrical system is one of them.  Make sure the electricity is turned off, even if the whole neighborhood is without power, you still want to know it’s turned off in your own home.  However, if accessing the circuit breaker requires you to stand in water, its best to err on the side of caution and call a professional for advice.


  • Wear suitable clothing.  This would include sturdy footwear, gloves and a breathing mask.


  • A flood does not just fill your home with water but with all kinds of muck and sewage containing very harmful bacteria.  Try to clear the house of affected items.  It is not advisable to try and salvage items like mattresses etc. as it will be hard to rid them of all bacteria.


  • If you suspect food and drink items have been affected by flood waters, throw them away.  Its always best to just get rid of these things if you’re not sure.


  • There is a risk of fire after a flood.  The reason for this is that electrical appliances and furnaces have been under water.  Watch out for gas leaks and chemical spills also.


We hope that you never have to deal with this type of disaster in your home but, if you do, we hope these suggestions will be helpful.

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