Improving the indoor air quality of your home doesn’t have to be a major task.  The HVAC systems filters can be changed easily, takes little time and will do a lot to promote a healthier indoor air quality.  How often, then, should a HVAC filter be changed?

Although you should have your HVAC system serviced every year, the filter should be changed more frequently, around every 3 months is ideal depending on how much use the system gets.  However, you may want to change the filter even more often than that under some situations.  For example, if you notice that the filter is damp, wet or damaged in some other way, replace it immediately as hazardous toxins such as mold spores could be circulated throughout the home.

You may want to consider changing the filter as often as once a month if anyone living in the home suffers with allergies.  Homes that have pets and large families or smokers in the home are other good reasons to change the filter more often. 

The surrounding outdoor environment may also give reason to change your filters more frequently.  If there is a lot of construction going on around the neighborhood or your home is located in an area with a lot of agriculture, it’s a good idea to replace the filters.  Also, if there have been wildfires in the vicinity.

Changing your homes HVAC filters is an important way to promote a healthy indoor air quality but, how regularly you do so will greatly depend on the homes occupants as well as surrounding area.

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