Selling a home is a big decision and its one that requires a lot of advanced preparation.  So, what if you want to sell your home without the help of a real estate agent? What do you need to do?

Many people want to sell a home themselves in order to save money but its important to know where you can save and where you should spend.  For example, one way to increase your homes appeal to a potential buyer is with a pre-listing home inspection.  This is well worth the money because it allows you to find out any issues with your home first before you put it on the market.  Knowing the home has been recently inspected is also an attractive prospect to any buyer.

You may not want to use a real estate agent, but you can still learn a lot from them.  Realtors are experts in their field, they know their market and are well informed as to how much money homes go for.  You might be thinking your home is worth a certain amount but is that what similar homes in your area are going for? You could very well waste your time if you are asking an unreasonable amount of money for your property.

Another vital area you should become familiar with is all the legal requirements that come with selling a home.  Do you know what kind of contracts you will need and are you aware of all the other regulations and rules associated with selling a home?

Remember, advanced preparation is the key to successfully selling your own home so, do your research.

We are here to help you with all your home inspection needs so, please feel free to ask us about pre-listing home inspections.

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