It seems like we are hearing more and more reports of sinkholes these days.  Regardless of whether they are formed naturally or are brought about by humans, one thing is certain and that’s their ability to destroy property, roads and worse still, human life.  It is good, then, to know some of the signs to watch out for that might indicate a sinkhole is forming.  Upon reading this, you may think that these signs could indicate other issues and that is true so its wise to first determine if you live in an area that could be prone to sinkholes.

Observe any changes to the landscape

Have a look around your property and note down any strange changes.  What changes should you be concerned about?  Check for rapid ground subsidence or sudden openings in the ground.  You should also be concerned if you see cracks forming in circular patterns in the ground.  There are also some lesser extreme changes you might notice.  For example, water might start to form pools in areas where this has not happened before, plant life might be dying off in some places which could be due to water draining away into a sinkhole and not allowing plants the water they need.  Fence post and trees etc. could start leaning over or parts that are normally covered by earth are becoming exposed.  These are all changes on or around your property which could indicate a sinkhole has started forming.

Look out for these warning signs inside the home also: cracks starting to appear in floors and walls, windows and doors not closing the way they are supposed to.  Well water could become cloudy or muddy.  These are all possible signs of sinkholes forming.  If you have noticed some of these changes on your property, it’s a good idea to have them checked out.  Its always best to be safe than sorry.

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