Were you aware that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could actually alter a home inspector report if they are not in proper working order? So, it’s clear to see the importance of not only having them in the home, but also that they work correctly.


An average of 3,000 people in the United States perish each year from the effects of a house fire.  Tragically, many of these deaths could’ve been prevented if the home had smoke detectors that were functioning correctly.  Here are some important reminders concerning smoke detectors:


There should be a smoke detector on every floor of the home that is occupied, this would include the garage and basement, particularly as these areas are generally used for storing more flammable items.  A good idea is to have a smoke detector in each bedroom or at least one close to it, this will make it easier for anyone sleeping to hear the alarm.  Fit smoke detectors onto the ceiling or wall and if it is a basement, position it close to the stairs.


When the household is asleep is the time when they are most vulnerable to being harmed by a fire, so every so often, perform a night time fire drill.  Set off the smoke detectors to see if they will effectively wake up those sleeping, particularly small children, then educate them on what they should do next.  It is good if the smoke detector sound is different from other sounds heard in the home.


Some other important safety reminders for smoke detectors:


Check the batteries frequently.

Complete a monthly check of all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, making sure they are in good working order.

Even if it keeps going off when you cook, NEVER disconnect your smoke detectors.  It is too easy to forget to reconnect them again later.

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