Cockroaches are a big problem in many homes and apartments.  They are such a nuisance because they are extremely resilient, multiply in large amounts and spread disease.  Obviously it is better to work at preventing them in the first place so let’s look at what attracts them as well as how to stop them from becoming an issue in your home.

Cockroaches, although they can survive in all types of environments favor dirty, greasy, moist areas.  One way to avoid attracting them to the home is keeping it as clean as possible and while they are found all over the house, the kitchen is a good place to start.  This should be given a regular, thorough clean which should include scrubbing behind and underneath all appliances, even the big ones.  Keep food items in tightly sealed containers and try not to leave out pet food for long periods of time.  It is also important to have a trash can with a tight lid.  After using, wipe the kitchen sink dry.  Cockroaches do not particularly like the light and will stay away from it so you might consider keeping a light on at night.

Bathrooms also provide a pleasant place for cockroaches to thrive in, so this is another room to keep very clean and, as much as possible, dry.  As we’ve mentioned, cockroaches love moisture so look for any dripping taps or leaking pipes and fix them immediately.  You may also want to look at areas where cockroaches can come into the home and seal up those areas.

While its best to try to prevent cockroaches, what if you already have an infestation? Then it is best to call in a pest control expert to handle the problem for you.  When they have done this, you can keep the infestation under control by placing boric acid in places where they were previously active and by following the above mentioned suggestions.

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