Sewer gas odors in your home are caused by several different reasons, some more serious than others. In this month’s blog, we’re going to discuss a few of them.

Perhaps one of the most common reasons you will smell sewer gas in the home is because plumbing fixtures have begun to dry out. Plumbing traps, which are designed with water barriers to stop sewer gas leaking into the house may be drying out.  You will find this is often the case during periods of dry weather or in bathrooms that are not used frequently.

Another way sewer gas will leak into the home is through cracks in plumbing drains, foundations or ventilation pipes. Sometimes plumbing vents are placed too near to air intakes which will also cause the problem. Airflow around the home is yet another way this obnoxious smelling gas enters the house.

Why is it important to identify the cause of sewer gas leaks? Depending on the reason the sewer gas is leaking into your home, it can be a very dangerous problem. The risks associated with sewer gas leaks are asphyxiation from the sewer gases displacing oxygen inside the home, sulfide poisoning and a high risk of fire or explosion.  So, if you smell sewer gas, don’t just ignore it but call in a professional who can identify the cause for you.

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