Being aware of fire risks in your home is very important.  This is why having a sufficient amount of properly working smoke/carbon monoxide detectors is crucial.  One area of the home, however, that we may not consider as often is the garage.  A garage is generally the area where some of the most flammable items in a home are stored such as gas cannisters, cleaning products and decorating supplies, its also the place where many homeowners work of their cars or gardening equipment.  We can see, then, the need to be extra vigilant when it comes to fire prevention in the garage.  Let’s consider some safety tips for garage fire prevention:

If you are working in the garage make sure you don’t leave oily rags sitting on the floor and be quick to clean up any oil spills or other flammable liquids.  Don’t leave bags full of garbage lying around the garage for prolonged periods.

We mentioned how important it is to have fully functioning smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in the home but make sure the garage has them as well and check them every month to make sure they continually work well.

Toxic fumes are another risk with garages.  Never have a vehicle running with the garage door closed.  Hazardous fumes build up rapidly in an enclosed space which could be lethal.  If you have a garage that is attached to the house, have a periodic check for gaps and cracks around the connecting door to prevent any toxins entering the home.

We know how important the safety of you household is.  If you have any concerns about your garage becoming a fire hazard you may want to schedule a garage inspection.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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